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Commercial Dry Cleaning Services

People nowadays are very well aware of how Commercial Dry Clean services can help them to deal with their laundry needs. Hiring the professional Dry Cleaning services provide the user with a lot of benefits, it includes getting rid of tough stains, the Commercial Dry Cleaning also enable the cloth to return with a crisp and professional look, which is of course not possible to get with home wash or regular laundry services.

Commercial Dry Clean Services

Moreover, the Commercial Dry Cleaners also provide you with other additional services too such as clothing repair and alterations.

Therefore, a business that is in a dire need of having the convenience and the look of brand new clothing shall surely benefit from the Commercial Dry Clean services. In the Dry Cleaning process special type of chemical solutions are used that can get rid of all kinds of stains very efficiently.

Also, the use of a solvent instead of water for cleaning, gives the cloth a new and professional appearance. There are many benefits of hiring the Commercial Dry Cleaning services for You.

Dry Cleaning

The Commercial Dry Cleaning provides you with a better stain removal solution.

The Commercial Dry Cleaners make use of superior stain removals that make it preferable over other laundry services.

The Commercial Dry Cleaners are very well experienced and have proper knowledge about how the stain can be removed from a particular item.

Dry Cleaning Solutions

It is also found that the Dry Cleaning processes work better to remove the stains caused due to oil or grease in any type of fabric. Commercial Dry Cleaning prevents the cloth from any kind of damage.

The Dry Cleaning process is considerably beneficial, as it protects the clothes from any kind of damage. Being precise, it helps to increase the life of the clothes, as Dry Cleaning the clothes is known to cause a lot less damage as compared to regular home washing.

Moreover the Dry Cleaning solutions used by Commercial Dry Cleaners prevent the colours of the fabric to fade off. It also prevents the fabric from getting weakened, enabling it to last for long.

Dry Clean Services

Businesses get to enjoy the convenience of using the dry cleaners. Commercial Dry Cleaning services offer a lot of convenience to the business. As they can simply call for the services, the Dry Cleaning provider picks up the laundry and delivers back at the convenience of the business, cleaned ironed and folded. Especially for the businesses that require ironed and neatly folded clothes on a daily basis, the Commercial Dry Cleaning services become their best option.

Linen Dry Cleaning Services

Apart from this the Commercial Dry Cleaners also provide you with additional services that help you to save a lot of time and money. With a reputable Commercial Dry Cleaning service provider you are also provided with services like alterations, minor repairs and clothing restoration and remove odours. The Dry Cleaning services are considered as a great option for carpet cleaning or curtains or even items like uniforms and bed linens too.

Commercial Dry Cleaning

The processes followed by the Commercial Dry Cleaners. Once the garments or items are received by the Commercial Dry Cleaners, they are tagged and made sure that they are cleaned separately and not mixed with laundries of other clients. You will be provided with the receipt for receiving the clothes or laundries.

Dry Clean Facility

They are taken to the Dry Cleaning facility, where the laundry is sorted according to the type of fabric, colour, the type of stain, etc.

In some cases it is found that the stains need a pre-treatment before the Dry Cleaning process begins, so it is carried out by the professional dry cleaners at the Laundromat.

Laundromat Dry Clean

The next step is to put them in the Dry Cleaning machine, which can hold a capacity of 60-80 pounds of clothes.
Remember, there is no water used in the cleaning process, instead a chemical solvent called “Perc” is used. Along with which other detergents are added to remove the stains as well as any other.

Dry Cleaning Process

They are dipped into the solution and after 30 minutes the cycle starts and the cleaning process begins.

The garments are also exposed to higher temperature that helps to evaporate the chemical solvent.

Commercial Dry Cleaners

As the Dry Cleaning processes are completed, your clothes are dry and the Commercial Dry Cleaners perform the inspection of the clothes to check, which might have caused due to cleaning process.
The process is then followed by the garments then taken for ironing.

Dry Cleaning Service

The clothes are then packed for the laundry delivery services and dropped back to you at your doorstep. There are Commercial Dry Cleaning service providers that also include other services too. You might be able to get some more Dry Cleaning techniques too, which ensure better services.