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As you look for laundry services in Houston, we provide you with the most efficient and effective services in the state. The Laundromat services offered to you here are the most preferred laundry services that you can ever look for, whether you are a student, working personnel or simply fed up of your household chores, we provide you with the best solution for all your laundry.

Contact Wash and Fold Services

You can simply Contact us and hire the laundry services, which include washing drying and ironing of the clothes in the least possible time and at the most affordable price. The time that you save from using our Contact Wash and Fold service, you can invest on doing other essential stuffs such as studies, for work, or simply spend them with your family. The convenience that you are offered at Contact Laundromat, with the top quality machines, differentiates it from other laundry service providers. Here at Contact Wash and Fold services, we not only clean your laundry but also make use of eco-friendly techniques to contribute to the environment too.

Our machines are very efficient and thus we save water, electricity, detergents and even time and provide you with the best cleaning results. Hiring the Contact Wash and Fold services you are assured to get the quickest and most effective cleaning of your clothes at a very reasonable price. We provide you with a variety of amenities that allow you to spend your time at the Laundromat, while your clothes are being washed; you have free Wi-Fi, air conditioner, television, etc. for entertainment and comfort, you are provided with separate seating space where you can wait for the washing process to be completed.

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Commercial Laundromat Services

Commercial Laundry Delivery Services

Contact Wash and Fold services also delivery commercial laundry services that are very often available by hospitals, hotels and restaurants and even other commercial setups. Being a cost effective laundry service provider they are the most preferred Contact Laundry service provider. Moreover, we also assure you with hygienic cleaning and environment friendly solutions for all your laundry needs.

Contact Laundromats

People often choose to Contact Laundromats, as they are assured that their clothes shall be handled by professionals. So, we do not only provide you with the top quality machines. But we have exclusively trained and experienced professionals at the store that take care of your clothes and also provide you with customized or personalized laundry services. Customer satisfaction is what we aim for, thus we put all our efforts to ensure that you get what you are looking for.

People often contact us to find out if we can comply with their laundry needs, just to provide them with the desired services, we offer them excellence with our innovative solutions and services. This definitely makes the lives of our clients convenient and much happier with Contact Laundromat.

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Opening hours of the Laundromat:
You can Contact Laundry, anytime of the day. As the Laundromat is opened for 24x7 for the clients convenience, you can drop off your laundry anytime you want. Cleaning services offered at the Laundromat.

The services include coin Laundromat, regular laundry services, wash and fold services, for the clients that want to do their washing on their own.

Laundry Pickup and Drop Off:
Apart from this, Contact Laundromat also provides you with dry cleaning services and laundry pickup and drop off services too.

Laundry Drop Off
You can simply drop off your laundry at the store and it shall be ready and delivered back to your desired address within 24 hours.

Contact Laundry Delivery

Lead time for the completion of the services: We provide you with the option of same day delivery (depending on laundry or the type of service). This might also cost a little higher. Moreover, the clothes are delivered back within 24 hours of the pickup.

How to book a schedule?You can simply contact us either by either calling us or scheduling a pickup from your desired address. In case you have specific instructions for certain clothes you can contact us directly and let us know about it or find out if we offer the desired services.

Mode of payment:
You can either pay by cash or card. The payment can be made at the laundry store itself or you can pay the laundry staff t the time of drop off. You are charged with a flat price based on your clothes and there are not hidden charges involved in the cost of hiring the laundry services.