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Folding tables are one of the most convenient innovations of man. You can never get tired of stating the advantages of using the folding tables.

Laundry Fold


They are known to be used for a lot of purposes, they are very convenient and easy to use, can easily be transported and easily stored hardly taking any space.

Wash & Fold


You can easily fold and unfold also carry tables in your vehicles. Folding tables are known to be made up of lightweight and long lasting materials.

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Wash and Fold Delivery with Laundry Pickup & Drop Off Delivery Services.

Folding Clothes for Laundry

Laundry Services for Restaurants and Hotels

You can find folding tables being available in different colours; different sizes and they are also available in round or square shapes. You can have table clothes to cover them and you shall be able to give it a classy look. As they can be setup easily and can be stored without many hassles, you shall find them at a lot of places, which includes restaurants and hotels.

Folding Tables Just Like What Laundry Store Has Them

Folding Tables Use

You can find the folding tables present in the rooms of students that serve the purpose as a studying table, which fold and unfold upon need.

You can also find the folding tables in the cafeterias or in the office to give a different look while having a conference and so on.

Laundry Store Folding Tables

Another place where you are more likely to find a folding table is the laundry store. Here the folding tables are literally used for folding purposes.

The clothes that are wash and cleaned are then sent to the iron and fold department, who then press and fold the dress before it is delivered to you.

Washed Ironed and Folded

Folded Clothing

It is essential to get your clothes clean and folded so that you can wear them as and when you want. We do understand the washed, ironed and folded clothes do give a professional feel.
As the clothes washed then gets filled with wrinkles and formation of creases are found on the fabric.

Ironing Process

After the drying process is completed the wrinkles get stiff and it needs to be ironed to get rid of them.

Once the ironing process is completed, it becomes essential to fold the clothes to ensure they do not form any more creases while they are kept in your cupboard.

Laundromat Folding Tables

Ironing and Folding Clothes

Availability of folding tables in Laundromats. When you visit a Laundromat or a self-service laundry provider, here too you can find the folding tables. Such laundry stores provide you with a separate folding area that is clean and dry and also has a beautiful smell, separated from the area where the washing machines are kept.

Fold after Ironed

Here you can fold your clothes after they get dried. The folding tables here are generally fixed and it cannot be carried from one place to another.

It can be moved up to an adjustable height, which makes it more convenient to work on it. These folding tables do have a cover on it to avoid creasing of materials that are ironed and folded on them.

Folding Clothes

You can also find folding tables in the laundry stores. Here there are professionals working on the folding tables that iron and fold the clothes after the completion of the drying process.

They take special care for the clothes that are delicate to ensure there are no creases left on the fabric. It is all about cleaning without loosing the clothing.

Folded and Delivered

Proper fold becomes essential to have the clothes in its best condition, especially when you have uniforms to be cleaned or dry cleaned, it needs to be folded and delivered ready to be worn.

The folding services are not only available for clothes that we wear generally; they can be used for uniform, table clothes from the restaurants.

Wash Fold Deliver

They are even used for large comforters and blankets, so that they can be delivered smoothly.

Folding clothes becomes an essential part of the drop off laundry and laundry delivery process.

We wash fold deliver Your laundry, it's good to have fresh clothes without doing laundry Yourself.