Washing of clothes and other textiles that we used daily is referred to as Laundry. There are different processes that are included in the laundry, which is carried out in a separate room. The laundry room present in an individual’s house is referred to as the laundry or utility room.

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In the apartment buildings you have the shared laundry facility, which are used by all the individuals or families living in the society. Apart from this, the modern day facilities include the exclusive self-service laundry business, or other facilities that offer you with multiple laundry services, which too is very popular among people.

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What is Laundry

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Being precise, the material that need to be washed or are being washed or has been laundered is otherwise known as Laundry.

Laundry Process

The process of laundry began since the time, people started wearing clothes and thus there were different methods preferred by different cultural groups to administer this basic human need.

This of course has been a matter of talk among the researchers. Earlier the laundry work was considered as gender based responsibility and was designated to the women of almost every culture.

Self Service Laundry

With the technological advancements and developments, laundries become more mechanised then manual, the salef service laundry washers and dryer machines. Availability of the washing machines and dryers made the laundry work a lot easier and more automated self service.

Today, you can find such washing machines and dryers being used for both residential and commercial purposes as well as self service laundry stores.

Laundry Starts

Laundries being done in the past:

Watercourses are one of the primary sources, which helped in doing the laundry. Here the flow of water was used to get rid of the materials that cause stains and smells.

You may even find these basic laundry washing processes being used in rural areas, where the Agitation helps to get rid of the dirt and the clothes are rubbed, twisted and slapped against rocks to get cleaned.

After the clothes got cleaned they were rinsed and wrung out, the laundries were than twisted to remove the water and then they were hung on poles or on ropes to get dries. In some areas the clothes were also left on grass and trees to get dried and then they were ironed. It was hard to continue wahing by hand, not an easy job.

Laundry Continues

Laundries being done in the past:

Next was the construction of the washhouses, where the laundry was done in a communal setting, where the laundry services could be carried out with ease.

A washhouse was built, where canals were created for water to flow in, these washhouses generally had no roof and walls. The wash house was divided into two basins, one was used for washing and the other was used for rinsing, here the flow of water was constant and it also had a stone kept inclined against the water where the laundry could be beaten.

This setting was considerably more convenient as compared to the watercourse. These facilities, were built in close vicinity of the villages, thus travelling was reduced and thus was more preferred by the launderers.

Laundry Machines

Laundry Continues

As technology developed, the laundry services got mechanized and more convenient. There were hand operated washing machines, which were later replaced by electrical washing machines that made laundry processes a lot easier.

Modern day laundry services

There are a lot of processes involved in the modern day laundry services, the process that were done manually are now carried out using washing and drying machines.

The processes include washing, rinsing, drying, ironing, folding, pakcaging, as well as delivering laundry.

Laundry Items

Clothes that go through the washing machine are washed at a particular temperature, pressure, along with chemical detergents that help in the removing the stains and also gets rid of germs and microorganisms from all the laundry items and material. That is why laundry stores start getting customers.

Laundry Detergents

You have chemical detergents, solutions and soaps and several other laundry products that assist in the laundry of clothes and other fabrics.

The modern washing machines are also known to make use of synthetic powder and liquid detergent to give better washing results.

Laundry Dry Clean

Simple cleaning has been replaced with dry cleaning, where chemical solvents are used along with water, which preserves the quality of the fabric and makes it long lasting. Dry cleaning is one of the common laundry services that are being used by various industries, including hotel, medical centres, etc.

Dry Cleaning

The dry cleaning laundry services are used for clothes or materials that cannot withstand the wear and tear of a washing machine or the dryer machines.

It is preferred over hand washing that is more labour intensive. Dry cleaning laundry was next laundry invent.