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For individuals that want to have some free time from their day, the best thing can be hiring a wash fold laundry service. The benefits of hiring the wash and fold services is that you get to provide the instructions for the cleaning of the clothes and these services shall also offer you with additional services such as dry cleaning.

Wash Fold Delivery


You may prefer to look for a wash fold services that is available in close proximity to your residence, however, it is recommended to look for the store that offers you wash and fold delivery services. You will be able to get the services at a very affordable rate and it also help you to save time, by providing cost efficient services.

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How the Wash and Fold Works?

By Laundry Genie

Wash fold services are considered as professional services that you get from a Laundromat or a laundry store. It follows a simple process, you simply drop your clothes at the laundry store, in bags as large as it can be, containing the loads of clothes. You are provided with a tag that acts as an identifier of your load to ensure they do not get misplaced.

Wash and Fold Services

Next the professionals in the Laundromat sort your laundry, according to the colour, temperature or detergent specific, wash fold them properly and return them back to you.

You can find some laundry stores that provide you with additional services too along with regular wash and fold services. They make sure to take special care of delicate items, you can also ask for ironing services. You can also look for wash and fold services that provide you with dry cleaning services too.

Wash and Fold Delivery

Getting the laundry sorted, washed and folded by someone else can be a great option, why to do it on your own, when you can have someone do it for you.

Wash and fold delivery services that offer you with premium services, ensure that your clothes are delivered on time and at your desired location.
The clothes are sorted into coloured or plain and washed accordingly. Apart from this the wash and fold services also provide laundry for the blankets and comforters.

Clothes Cleaned

You can be assured that the items provided by You are sorted, washed dried at optimum temperature and then clothes folded properly for You.

Some might also provide you with hangers or special packing of their own to ensure that clothes are cleaned and crisp while the deliver is made.

Wash Fold Services

Moreover the wash fold laundry services makes sure to follow all specific instructions provided or mentioned by the client, we will follow Your request in process.

All you need to do is drop your clothes at the laundry store that offer wash and fold services, along with the notes for instruction for washing specific clothes.

Wash and Fold Services

Laundry Delivery with Pickup and Drop Off Services

You are assured that high quality detergents, cleaning solutions and chemical solvents shall be used in the washing process. The clothes shall be dried at optimum or appropriate temperature to ensure the safety of the clothes and handled by professionals. You might also get your clothes delivered back in specialized packages to ensure customer satisfaction.

Wash and Fold Delivery Services

There are some wash and fold delivery services that offer you with same day delivery service too. Moreover, as the services are available throughout the week, you can sue the services as and when you need them.

Wash fold services also include sorting drying and folding services as well as delivery services with laundry pickup and drop off services for Your comfort.

Dry and Fold Services

For individuals that want to wash their clothes by themselves but do not have enough time to dry and fold them, they simply load up the washers and start the cleaning.

The professionals at the store shall take care of sorting, drying and folding of the clothes after the washing process is completed.

Wash and Fold Service

The wash and fold services also work perfectly for the commercial businesses too.

Individuals that have a business and do not have the time to do carry out the wash fold chores by themselves, they can make use of the wash and fold delivery services.

Business Wash and Fold

You are provided with smooth and quick delivery services that deliver on time, with effective results.

The wash and fold services are used by different businesses, which include hotels, restaurants, corporate facilities, schools, private colleges and many more, upon their convenience.