Washing Clothes


Clothes that we wear regularly should be washed at least once in every two weeks. Of course this is a recommended condition, but this is only possible when you have someone at your house that picks up your clothes and does the laundry every two weeks.

Washing Clothing


Although you may come across individuals that are able to do the laundry every weeks or twice a week, but this definitely becomes difficult once you start doing it on your own and heavy large loads of laundries, washing clothes does not get done in trraditional way often.

Laundry Online

Automated laundry machines has replaced old traditional way of washing clothes, when it wasn't the best care for clothing.

Deliver Laundry Services

Pickup and Deliver Service

Now, the easy thing that you can do it look for the most reliable Laundromat in your area and hire their pickup and deliver laundry services and simply sit back and spend your time doing other stuff while your clothes are washed and cleaned and delivered back to you.

However, if you want to wash your clothes on your own, you can look for coin Laundromats, where you get laundry done with washers and dryers in the laundry store itself by paying a small amount just like Washateria.

Washing and Ironing

There are a lot of things that you need to consider before you choose to do the laundry on your own. Keeping these in mind shall ensure that you get the effective cleaning results.

Make sure you check the label on your cloth to find out if the brand provides you with particular instructions about washing and ironing the clothes.

Not every individual goes through it and this leads to damaging of the fabric and form of the clothes.

Washing Clothes

These labels contain information about washing coloured clothes; it also provides you with instruction regarding the temperature of the water that you must use to wash the clothes.

It is often found bleaching is used to remove stains from the clothes but there are fabrics that get damaged due to it.

Thus it becomes important for you to read the labels before carrying out the cleaning process. We follow other steps which defers by clothing type.

Wash Your Clothes

Sorting of the clothes is another very important concern, you must sort and separate your clothes based on the colour and the type of fabrics, ignoring this can lead you to a lot of trouble. For an instance, if you wash clothes in white colour with the coloured ones, there are high chances of discolouration.

Washing Process

You must also choose to sort the clothes based on fabrics, as some fabrics need hard wash, whereas there are other delicate fabrics that need light wash. Doing this shall ensure the safety of the clothes and increases its life too.

Before you carry out the washing processes, make sure you check the pockets of the garments to ensure you do not have anything in them.

Items like pen of other such that might spill and damage the clothes should be removed from the laundry before it is washed.

Clothes Washer Machine

Another thing to consider while washing clothes is to wash the heavier clothes first. This is of course recommended because the heavier the items are the more time it shall take to dry.

Washing clothes using the washing machine also needs you to be careful about not overloading the washer with clothes.

This might cause problems in the washers leading to permanent damage to the motor.

Washing with Liquid Detergent

Keep a check while filling the washer with clothes to ensure it is only 3/4th of the capacity of the washer. Use of best quality detergent also becomes important to get the best cleaning results for your clothes.

However, you cannot fill the washer with too much detergent as it might ruin the washer, leaving a lot of residue in the tub, causing accumulation of lime at the bottom that can corrode the material of the washer. It is always recommended to make use of liquid detergent to avoid such kind of problems.

Wash & Fold Your Clothing

After washing of clothes is completed it is then taken for the drying process and put into dryers.

Here too you have to make sure that you do not overload the dryer with a lot of clothes as it might not dry your clothes and instead it will cost you more energy and increase your utility bills too.

Lastly, you must never look to leave your clothes in the dryer, as this might lead to shrinkage of the clothes damaging clothes.

Hiring Laundry Service Provider

These are certain tips that you can keep in mind while you choose to wash clothes on your own. But you must remember hiring a professional laundry service provider shall help you to get rid of all the hassles as they shall take care of all the above processes involved in washing of your clothes.

The time you save from it, you can enjoy them with your family or spend in doing other essential stuffs.